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An affordable solution to all your lawn problems

Pest & Disease Identification & Control

Is your lawn looking a little (or a lot) sick and you're not sure why?

Perhaps you have noticed yellow patches in the grass or weird looking bugs living in your lawn or worse still, maybe your lawn looks to be dying!!

Imagine if you could get rid of all that stress and just call a doctor for your lawn!

Well now you can and the way it works couldn't be easier;

For just our call out fee below, a qualified horticultural technician will visit your lawn and diagnose any pest & disease issues and provide you with a summary of the diagnoses and a quote for the lawns treatment if applicable.

If work is required and you accept your treatment quote on the day, we will take the cost of your service visit off your treatment cost! 

We can usually treat your lawn during the same visit, otherwise we can schedule your treatment for a day that suits you.

We only use the safest products available and implement Integrated Pest Management techniques to further reduce the use of products where possible. All products used are applied by our fully insured, qualified technicians, so you can relax knowing your family & pets will be safe.

In fact some of our products actually have organic certification.

As qualified professionals with years of experience, we understand that not every garden insect is out to harm your lawn and needs to be killed! In fact there are both good and bad bugs in every lawn and by encouraging the right type of insects and working on the soil heath you help to create a balanced eco-system where the need for chemicals is non existent.

So if you have a sick lawns that need some professional care, contact us today to get started.


Magnifier, plants and notebook on green grass

Service Pricing

Call out Fee


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