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Healthy vibrant garden plants

The program that gives you a healthy, vibrant garden all year round

Yearly Garden Care Program

Let's face it, plants are expensive, so looking after these little investments is crucial if you wish to have a beautiful looking garden, however to get the best from your plants requires more than just a little bit of pruning or watering.

Professional gardeners know that the health and vitality of a plant starts in the soil and continues right up into the leaves and this is where our yearly garden care program comes in.


All yearly treatment programs receive balanced fertilisation, disease control, pest control, soil conditioners & wetting agents. 

We always use the safest products available and implement Integrated Pest Management techniques to further reduce the use of products where possible. All products are applied by our fully insured and qualified technicians, so you can relax knowing your pets, family and the environment are safe.

In fact some of our products actually have organic certification.

To get started couldn't be simpler;

Our program starts with your free onsite consultation, where we will inspect your gardens and assess plant types, garden size, soil type and condition, any current pest, disease or nutrient deficiency issues, any environmental impacts affecting your plants and your current watering habits.

We will then put together a customised garden care plan and provide you with your FREE quote.


On acceptance of your quote we will book you in for your garden treatments every 4 weeks, these treatments are adjusted for each season.

On the completion of each service we will leave you with any recommendations that will help you get the most from our treatments between visits.

So whether you have just installed a brand new garden or you just want peace of mind that your plants are receiving the best care possible, contact us today to get started.

Service Package

Premium Package

12 Services Per Year

  • 6 x Liquid fertilisation

  • 6 x Wetting agents

  • 6 x Soil Conditioners

  • 11 x Plant Pest or Disease Control

  • 1 x Basic Yearly Soil Test

  • 12 x Detailed service reports with recommendations 

Starting from


Per Visit

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