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Complete nutrition to feed both your soil & plants

Garden Fertilising

The nutrition your plants get throughout the season plays a vital role in their overall performance and ability to withstand stressful situations such as drought or pest & disease defence.


Unlike most fertilisers, our fertilising treatments contain many organic ingredients including a combination of high end commercial grade fertilisers, soil conditioners and wetting agents to provide nutrition and support to both the plants and the soil giving you healthier, stronger plants.

Adding to this, our fertiliser blend is adjusted seasonally to account for environmental changes from one season to the next, this ensures your plants will have the required nutrients to adapt to these changes successfully with less stress.

Once we have received your request, we will book you in for your free onsite consultation, where we will inspect your plants and the size of your gardens and then provide you with your FREE garden treatment quote.


On acceptance of your quote we will schedule in your service and subsequently complete the fertilising of your garden.

On the completion of the service we will leave you with any recommendations that will help you get the most from our treatment.

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