Rob's Horticulture currently offers the following services

Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing, Edging, blower use

Pest & Disease ID & Control

Weed ID & Control

Soil Improvement

Top dressing


Garden Care

Hedging, shaping & pruning
(Max 2.4m high uncut)

Install/adjust plant supports

Pest & Disease ID & Control

Plant Removal
(Max 2.4m high)

Blower use
(Driveways, paths etc)

(Seasonal & replacement only)


Garden debris removal
(Leaves, rubbish etc)

Soil Improvement


Weed Control

Soil Testing



Service Information

One-off maintenance services

  • Services are available on a one-off or adhoc basis.

  • Clients can select to receive one or multiple services at any one time.

Regular maintenance services

  • Only the services you select will be included in your maintenance plan.

  • Additional services can be added or removed at anytime.

  • If you are unsure what services you require, we can assist with this during your free consultation.

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