The Story of Rob's Horticulture

Rob's Horticulture was started in 2006 by Robert O'Keeffe.

Previously working in the lawn & garden care industry whilst completing horticultural training, it was never a surprise for Rob to visit new clients who had repeatedly been let down by other service providers. In an unregulated industry where anyone can claim to be a "an expert" or "professional", Rob quickly realized the industry had plenty of people willing to have a go at the clients expense, but not so many were professionally trained and had the knowledge to back it up or had any real passion for what they were doing, let alone giving a thought about the customers experience.

This is why in August of 2006 Rob decided clients deserved better and the industry needed to raise its standards on what's acceptable. The only way to make this happen, was to lead the way one satisfied client at a time.

Rob's Horticulture has grown and come along way since 2006 and are renown for attention to detail and quality service.
While the industry continues to be swamped every year by people looking for a quick dollar, Rob's Horticulture continues to deliver clients with trained professionals who are reliable, knowledgeable and experienced.

Rob's horticulture specialize  in regular professional lawn & garden care services. We don't claim to be experts in everything nor do we offer every service imaginable, instead we focus on being the best at what we do offer.

So, if you're looking for a lawn & garden care specialist that stands out from the rest and who you can depend on for a premium level service, then Rob's Horticulture is the service you're looking for. Give us a call to see how we can help you.