How do i pay?

We are cashless. After you accept your quote we will set up a direct debit and collect payment automatically 7 days after you receive your invoice. This gives clients time to review their invoices without the worry of forgetting to pay.


Do i need to be home on the day of the quote?
Ideally we prefer for clients to meet us on the day of the quote so we can discuss your requirements in detail and also get to know you.
If you can't be home for any reason we are happy to reschedule if given 1 hours notice or we can continue to quote without you as long as:
1. All animals on your property are safe & secured
2. We have access to any gates etc that we need to enter
3. We have enough details on what services you require

What will happen in bad weather?

If its raining or hot (35 degrees and above) on the day of your appointment we will reschedule your service for the next available day and you will be notified via SMS or email.

Do i need to be home on the day of each service?
Whether you are home or not is entirely up to you. We are happy working in either circumstance, however if you have any specific instructions please make sure to let us know in advance.

Do you remove green waste?
Rob's Horticulture offers the following waste removal options:
Green waste bin: If you have a green waste bin available to use we are more than happy to utilize this as there is no additional cost involved.
Bag up and leave: If your green waste bin is unavailable due to it already being full etc we are happy to bag up the waste and leave it ready for the green bin. Please be aware there is a $2.20 "rental" fee for each 100 litre bag we leave behind, however if you wish to supply your own bags there is no fee.
Other: If you would like your green waste disposed of another way please let us know.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us