Whether your a client of Rob's Horticulture or just an avid gardener, we've listed the products you need to complement your outdoor living spaces.

small vegepod.jpg

Small Vegepod (1m x 50cm)

small stand.jpg

Vegepod Small Stand

small trolley.jpg

Vegepod Small Trolley Stand

vegepod cover small.jpg

Vegepod Hothouse Cover - Small

medium vegepod.jpg

Medium Vegepod (1m x 1m)

medium vegepod stand.jpg

Vegepod Medium Stand

medium trolley.jpg

Vegepod Medium Trolley Stand

large vegepod.jpg

Large Vegepod (1m x 2m)

large vegepod stand.jpg

Vegepod Large Stand

vegepod large cover.jpg

Vegepod Hothouse Cover - Large

vegepod growbag.jpg

Vegepod 1 Grow Bag, Green & White, Medium

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